3D Printing ends homlessn es

by michael slavica April 08, 2016

3D printing is going to have huge impact on mankind and the way in which we live. One of the biggest areas that's  going to be transformed is the construction industry I am not understating it when I say construction as you know it is soon going to be a thing of the past within 10 years. Relegated to museums where a nice young person will explain how housing used to only be for the wealthy. That 3D printing was able to put an end to construction deaths which in 2014 was 60,000 worldwide.

We have now gotten to the stage where we are capable of producing 3D printers that can actually print houses and buildings. I know when most people think of 3d printing they picture small models that have been made out of plastic, well that is all going to change. Imagine sitting down in front of a computer and picking from thousands of designs or deciding that you want something that expresses your uniqueness so you go about designing your own house and you are no longer restrained by square box shapes, you can have a house even ironman would be jealous of well that's what's on it's way. 3D printers don't care how crazy your designs are (although Council might) you can make a square box or a the Sydney Opera house and it would take the same time and effort as long as they use the same amount of material so I ask you what would you build if you could build your home anyway you wanted? Please watch the below video as Behrokh Khoshnevis speaks about these 3D printers on Ted Talks.

Recently a company in china called Winsun has made a 3D printer that has now made a 5 story apartment building and luxury homes. One of the luxury homes they built was 1100 SQ M and 3 storeys high. They were able to make it in 3 days just one day per level and if that wasn't amazing enough the 3D printer is using recycled materials. This new type of 3D-printed construction is environment-friendly and cost-effective all materials used were created from recycled construction waste, industrial waste and tailings.

They produce a mix of cement and construction waste to construct the walls layer by layer, a process much like how a baker might ice a cake. Winson is also planning to build 100 recycling facilities around China to help keep up with demand.

The walls are printed from what Winson calls their special ink. The special 3D printing ink are extracted and purified from fine natural stone, plus High-quality cement and fiber, with a much higher degree of strength and toughness than that of high-grade concrete and other common wall materials.

Winson 3D-printed Walls won’t cracks, and have strong water proofing, better air permeability, better heat preservation and low carbon pollution. Winson 3D printed walls are produced in a fully-digital way, with errors as small as in millimeter making for a perfect job every time. This type of 3D printed structure is about 50 percent lighter than common construction material.

The price tag for the luxury home was $160,000 USD. Below is a video of Winsun printing a luxury home.

This technology is not just for the wealthy or the middle class though it is going to end homelessness in our country which according to Wikipedia was 105,000 people in 2005 along with everywhere in the world which is a staggering 100 million people who will go from living on the streets to very nice homes anyone would be proud to own. The price to build a house once these 3D printers become mainstream will be a fraction of the price to build one compared to today market as recently Winsun just printed 10 houses in 24 hours and it cost them just $4800 U.S.D  So once all the bugs have been ironed out and we can integrate plumbing, electrical, tiling and painting into the 3D printers we will be catapulted into a new and exciting age. I have included the video of Winsun 3D printer printing 10 houses in 24 hours below. 

The Egyptian government is the first to take advantage of these 3D printed structure ordering 10 Villas and 20,000 smaller houses.

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michael slavica
michael slavica


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