Did 3D printing just make the T-1000 Terminator

by michael slavica April 08, 2016

Author Michael Slavica 

I'm not the sort of person that gets easily excited. But 3D printing and what it means to the world has me very excited, because I'm a lover of this technology  I make it my business to keep up to speed with what is currently available and what is on the horizon and let me tell you if you think what we are doing as a 3D community is cool now you are going to be amazed at what's on its way. 

Most of you would have watched the scene from Terminator 2 where the T-1000 Terminator rises from a puddle to form a Sci-Borg hell bent on destroying John Conner and anyone else that stands in its way. Well, guess what that type of technology is now real and is being used in the 3D printing world. Joseph M. DeSimone CEO & Co-Founder of Carbon3D recently did a presentation on the Ted talks platform explaining this technology and how the movie Terminator 2 was the inspiration for the 3D printer they are creating at Carbon3D.  If you haven't seen Terminator 2 I highly recommend you watch it in its full glory. But if you don't want to watch it or you just need a reminder of what I'm talking about watch the video below of the T-1000 rising into a  Sci-Borg. 

To explain it in it most simple form this new technology is no longer building things through micro layer after micro layer like current 3d printers are doing it is growing them through the harnessing of light and oxygen to rapidly grow objects with such intrinsic designs that only a 3D printer is capable of making them.

You see light has the ability to turn some liquids into solids, such as resin, now oxygen has the opposite effect of light and can stop the process of forming a solid so if you can create the right balance between the two controlling the spaces between light and the light intensity as well as the amount of oxygen exposure you now have the ability to grow a usable object. This type of 3D printing is extremely fast as the current prototype is reducing the manufacturing time by as much 25 to 100 times faster than current 3D printers are capable of and Joseph M. DeSimone has estimated that once it reaches its full potential it will be 1000 times faster making objects in seconds, not hours. This is game changing technology!  Once it reaches its potential it will have a huge impact on manufacturing, health care and dentistry just to name a few. The video below is the Carbon3D printer in action.

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michael slavica
michael slavica


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