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by michael slavica April 08, 2016

Author Michael Slavica 

Welcome to my first blog. As most likely, a majority of people do before they write their first blog, I searched the internet high and low for advice on the content I should be incorporating. To be honest, I truly didn't find the ‘silver bullet’ I was looking for. Therefore, I'm going to lay the foundation of what my future blogs are going to include. I will be writing about the 3D printing industry, 3D product reviews. 3D products that will become available, what you can make with your own 3D printer, what other new brands we will be carrying soon and tips for getting the most out of your 3D printer. The 3D printers we currently carry such as the following;

UP 3D printer range from 3D Printing Systems;
Magic Firms's MBot;
Flashforge Dreamer and Creator Pro;
HanBot's CapBot;
 XYZprintings Da Vinci.

I invite you to write to me, what you would like to know about, to the following email address info@aussie3dprinters.com.au so you can become a part of the journey. As if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be writing at all.


Aussie 3D printers was created due to a love of 3D printing and what we can achieve using this technology. I want to share my love of this industry and what better way to do that than to help people understand it and use it. I will be providing expert advice in a way anyone can understand. I want to share with you my knowledge through this blog, that anyone can access from anywhere, at any time in the world, free of charge. This principle is the corner stone to the 3D printing industry, as the open source principle to allow everyone, to share for free all the amazing 3D designs from around the world, download and then print them off using their own personal 3D printer. This is definitely going to change the world. I do not say this lightly and I'm in good  company such as CNBC. Linda Federico-O'Murchu and Forbes and Gary Shapiro. when I say the change has started and it’s coming incredibly fast. Even though 3D printing was invented in 1984 by Chuck Hull right now is the beginning of the 3D printing revolution, if you're thinking to yourself the development time seems excessive let me use the internet as an example the Internet origins started in 1960 according to Wikipedia  and it did not go mainstream until 1991 some 31 years later, therefore if you look at it through those glasses it’s probably a bit ahead of schedule. 

We have only now reached a level of technological maturity to begin utilising this technology. The potential is seemingly endless, from producing prosthetic body parts for anyone who needs them to printing dinner plates to cars, yes you read correctly Cars. The first 3D printed car was produced by Local Motors in Phoenix Arizona this year and is expected to hit the streets next year. Please check out the video below

There is an abundant amount of information I would like to share with you, therefore I hope you find the time to return to my site to find out what the future has installed for you. It is very exciting, in addition to learning how to make the most out of the 3D printers we currently have available.

I would like to thank you, for taking the time to read my blog, please hit the like button at the bottom of the page. I encourage you to share my blog with any one that would enjoy learning about this amazing technology.

michael slavica
michael slavica


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