About Us

What we do

We source then sell the best 3d printers available anywhere in the world. We are educators in how to implement additive manufacturing. We have set a new standard in ongoing support and service for additive manufacturing.


Aussie3D Mission statement

The third industrial revolution has started and experts from all over the globe are predicting we will see more change over the next ten years than we have seen in the past one hundred years combined. Additive manufacturing will be at the forefront of this industrial revolution. Aussie3D was setup to not only make the transition as smooth as possible but to help Australia be a global leader of this technology.

“Additive Manufacture has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything”
- President Barack Obama

Our distinctive advantage

We are here to help you in every way you need.

We offer state of the art start up training, incredible after sales service and support. Maintenance and repair on your 3d printer. We offer nation wide onsite repair and service by qualified experts in additive manufacturing.

Our job is to educate and help you understand which printer is suitable for you, your educational institute or your business.

We have turnkey solutions for all our major departments. Education, Engineering, Home use and Dentistry

Our Commitment – To our customers

At Aussie3D, we commit to educating our customer on the rapidly changing environment that additive manufacturing brings with it. We will help our customers select the right 3d printer for their needs and teach them the best practices.

We will continue to do whatever is necessary to provide first class service regardless of the size of your business or school. 

Commitment – to our earth

Additive Manufacturing is not only going to help every day Australians but is good for the environment. Far less material is used while using this technology opposed to subtractive manufacture where there are off cuts and huge amounts of waste. Additive manufacturing only uses exactly what it needs.

Commitment to quality

Aussie3D is committed to staying up to date with all major advances in the technology. Sourcing only the best 3D printer in market so you can be certain that any brand we carry is a leader in additive manufacturing. Quality is paramount in our range of 3d printer and it doesn’t matter if it’s the biggest brand in the industry if its not the best we wont sell them. We will source far and wide to make sure we have best products for you even if those products are unheard of in our country you can feel safe knowing we have selected them because they are a cut above the rest.

Competitive advantage

We are not like any other supplier of 3d printers in Australia. We are here to help in every way we can. From the installation of your 3d printer to the onsite service and repair we will be there to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

We understand that 3d printing is in its infancy and it’s our job to show you how to use it as well as what you can make with it. That is why we have setup our website into the 4 key segments 3d printing is helping the most right now. Education, Engineering, Architecture and Home use.

The 5 fatal mistakes that are made by people wanting to adopt 3d printing.


  1. Buying a 3d printer from a company that doesn’t have a support to help you get started and then when things go wrong. 
  2. Not buying the right 3d printer for your needs, when you don’t consult with experts and you just buy online you have a good chance that you will select the wrong 3d printer for your needs. 
  3. Selecting which filament to use is as important as selecting the right printer. There is a huge difference between the quality of filaments in the market and it you want to be sure that your print job wont fail you have to use good quality filament. 
  4. Be carful where you get your advice. The Internet is a wonderful place to gain information as you can find an answer to almost anything you want to know. But with 3d printing being such a new technology too many people are going on chat forums convinced they know the answer to any problem you have. Most of these people have next to no experience and following their advice may make the problem worse. 
  5. Buying a 3d printer because it is a well-known brand with good marketing. Additive Manufacture is still in its infancy, with a new companies popping up every day its hard to know what printer to buy and with some of the major brands offering the worst 3d printers on the market its making very hard for consumers. I don’t wont mention any of the brands but Makerbot gets are blue ribbon prize for the worst printer we have sold. 

Aussie3D Leading the world in 4D printing

At Aussie3D we love 3D printing, but we believe in challenging the status co. We will never settle even when we are already at the front of the pack. That is why we have started a 4D program. Yes 4D now for the majority of people who are saying what the hell is that I still getting my head around 3D. 4D is 3D printing something that once printed can shape change.

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Professor Marc in het Panhuis and his team at Wollongong University who are world leaders in 4D printing. The driving force behind this program is Charne Esterhuizen one of Australia most promising up and coming fashion designers who’s is now embracing 3d printed clothing to go with her other amazing designs she has already made under her brand Maak. Have a look at our first dress and you might be able to tell what are.

Our Customers

OUR TRUSTED BRANDS At Aussie 3D you can Shop with Confidence knowing we sell quality products from leading brands