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The 3D Bio-printer system, with high printing precision, is developed by Qingdao Unique Products Develop Co., Ltd, which prints a variety of biomaterials and cells simultaneously. The human tissue three-dimensional reconstruction software is a data interface to link the medical imaging equipment (e.g. CT) and 3D Bio-printer. On the basis of different biomaterials and densities in human tissue structure, the build platform with four nozzles is designed to print multiple biomaterials in one object. Micron grade positioning precision meets requirement of micro-environment for cell adhesion and proliferation, such as poriness and layer thickness of cell-loaded constructs. Piezoelectric cell nozzles enable output precision on basis of PL grade. What’re more; accurate output cell quantity is controlled. Low and high temperature build platforms assure to fuse and solidify various biomaterials (e.g. collagen and polylactic thermosensitive hydrogel). Biological clean bench is with automatic temperature and humidity regulation, providing survival environment for cells. Auto calibration is achieved by infrared distance measurement technology. With the functions of preserved interrupt memory and data recovery, an unfinished print data will be printed on the next startup.
The 3D Bio-printer is well applied in dozens of medical institutions for projects of artificial meniscal, artificial nerve conduit, artificial skin, artificial blood vessel and artificial cornea, which will play a great role in tissue regeneration project.


Build Platform High & Low
Supported Scaffold PCL,P(LLA-CL)etc.
Thickness of Layer 0.1-0.2mm
XY Positioning Precision 1μm
Z Positioning Precision 1μm
Printer Speed 0.5-50mm/s
Scaffold Dia. 100-500μm
Printer Technology FDM
Extruders 4
Build Volume 200*200*150MM (High)
100*100*150MM (Cold)

Cell Printing

Printing Dia. 120μm
Volume of Liquid Vo10-1000pL (±2%)
Jet Frequency 600Hz
Survival Rate >90%
Viscosity 10-40mpas
Bore Dia. 50-500μm
Scaffold Dia. 100-500μm
Poriness 80-90%


Dimensions 2100*1200*1200MM
Product Weight 150KGS
Assmbles Yes


Support Software Windows 7+
Supported File Type STL
Input File Type GCODE

Operational Environment

Operating Temperature 30°-250°
Storage Temperature Room Temperature
Relative Humidity 30%-70%



Input Voltage 240V
Input Current 5A
Output Power 1200W

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