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 This amazing 3d printer is by special order only and is not a finished product ready for commercial application, it is strictly for beta users.

The largest 3d printer in the world, which has an incredible X and Y axis of 12 meters (almost 40 feet) each, it weighs over 120 tons and was built using cranes and other machines.

Advanced Features

the world’s first 12m*12m*12m (length*width*height) gigantic 3D Building Printer

    High accuracy, breaking the limit of traditional construction industry of which the accuracy is measured by centimeters
    Using composite material which features lighter weight, stronger, more corrosion-resistant and anti-aging, waterproof and insulated
    A wide range of applications in the fields of architecture engineering, pipeline, ship building, automobile and aerospace etc.

Product Description

The Anyprint 3d building printer is the largest 3d printer in the world, which has an incredible X and Y axis of 12 meters (almost 40 feet) each, it weighs over 120 tons and was built using cranes and other machines. Now it is placed in the High-tech zone of Qingdao 3D Printing Industrial Park.
The 3d building printer was designed to print out a replica of the world famous “Temple of Heaven”, a religious building located in central Beijing, using Fused Deposition Modeling technique. The Temple will be of 7 meters in diameter and 8 meters high, and will consume 20 tons of materials, a mixture of 12 tons of concrete and 8 tons of that new material. As estimated, the 3d building printing will complete this work 8 months later.

As we all konw, the buidling 3d printer is used to print houses and other buildings. The printing material is made of graphene and fiberglass, which features strong, light-weight, corrosion-resistant, and eco-friendly, so as to creat an extremly strong house structures.

The gigantic building printer was first launched at the 2014 World 3D Printing Technology Industry Conference and Exhibition held in Qingdao, it had attracted many people’s attention.

Compared to the 3D printer the Dutch architects used for the “Canal House” in Amsterdam last year, it expands almost three times in the size of this 3D building printer” described Qingdao Unique. The company stated that their printer has the capacity to print out total building in one single printing job, instead of printing out each parts and putting them together. Moreover, they believe that their 3D printed building are three times as strong since they utilize graphene glass fiber reinforced plastic as printing materials.

Qingdao Unique believes the 3D building printer may be used for post-disaster recovery and reconstruction in the forseeable future.

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