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Aussie 3D Printers is proud to introduce to Australia CreatBot's latest model the CreatBot DE. Are you tired of only being able to make small objects with your 3D printer? Do you crave the ability to print with three colours? Are you ready to take the next step? Well, at Aussie 3D Printers, we have what you are looking for. When it comes to size, this awesome 3D printer boasts a whopping 400mm x 300mm and a build height of 300mm, 0.04mm print resolution, providing high speed at less than half the price of its "industrial sized" competitors- it makes for a fantastic buy. We have limited stock of this 3D printer so don't miss out on yours today.


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CreatBot 3D printer advantages

Metal Body: CreatBot 3D Printer is a full steel structure 3D printer and, in addition to this, 99% parts of this printer are made of high strength or high tolerance materials that ensures high-precision printing and long term reliability.

Thermostat: With insulating cover for constant temperature printing space, preventing edge warping and deformation while large prototype printing. Also, the cover is easily removed.

Large Build size: Build size is up to 400x300x300mm

Durable Nozzle: The extruder made by special materials and uses advanced design technology, which is more stable and long-lasting, and can make dual colours when printing.

No Block: The new generation nozzle has formed a perfect solution and can prevent blocking the nozzle.

High precision: Imported bearing and rail, all parts made by CNC, accuracy of X, Y is up to 0.01 mm, Z to 0.015mm, and the minimum layer is only 40 microns.

Accuracy Feeder: Exclusively designed filament feeder, and using a professional precision gear motor ensures accurate filament feeding.

High Speed: Highest speed printer in the market, with the travel speed up to 250mm/sec, and a print speed of up to 180mm/sec. Aussie 3D Printers recommends that you set your print speed at 120mm/sec and travel speed at 200mm/sec to get the best print quality and that is what we have set on our printers before we send them to you.

Various Filament: 

PLA, ABS, PVA, and other kinds can be used. CreatBot supports the use of PLA ensuring the prints are odourless, environmentally friendly, degradable and easy to shape.


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CreatBot extruders have an intelligent cooling system, and this will keep the filament feeding at the optimal temperature. The height-adjustable nozzle design allows you to align multiple nozzles more quickly and easily, and this will ensure the perfect coordination when you print your multi-color models. Plus, CreatBot supports up to three heads.

Ceramic panel hot bed with unidirectional thermal characteristics which makes the heating area appear only in a silica gel heating plate area, the thermal efficiency can be greatly improved, which is energy-saving. The hot bed’s aesthetically pleasing, smooth, ceramic panel provides a more high-end atmosphere. Silicone heating panels also have a very long life.

Gearmotors can produce more torque compared to the general stepper motor; this can ensure the filament does not slip while wire feeding, greatly ensuring the feeding precision and accurate retraction. The design of the wire feed roller can not only ensure the wire feeding is powerful but also that it doesn’t hurt filament.

The metal hot bed tray has greater rigidity, which can ensure less fibrillation while working. The metal bracket for fixing the hot bed tray includes a thickness of up to 10mm, which makes the whole hot bed and body all blend into one harmonious, very strong whole.



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