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    Beautiful, High Performance Printer. Easy to Operate, Auto Calibration, Lighter, More Artful, More Delicate, Professional, Globe Standard

Applicable Materials PLA, ABS
Software Windows7, Windows 8
Dimension of Equipment 300*300*300mm
Outlook of Equipment Green and white Magic Cube; Custom outlook is available

Printing Head

Number of printing head
Material Copper
Printing Dimension 100*100*100mm
Nozzle Temperature 50-260°C
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm
Thickness of Layer 0.2mm-0.4mm
Positioning Precision 0.2mm
Speed of Motion Axes 50-120mm/s
Leveling System Automatic
Connectivity USB, TF card (MAX 16G)
Input File Type STL
Input Mode LED green screen
Voltage INPUT 100V-240V,50Hz/60Hz

Matched 3D Magic Modeling Software, Easy to use.The most convenient 3d modeling software designed for kids and teenagers. Add intellectual games into the software. Enable kids to learn while playing games. Culture kids’ creative potential.

What's More

    No need to connect computer, there is a free FT card for model printing.

    Online Education 3D Printing Platform—The “Three Creations” Educational Public Service Platform

    Offline 3D Printing Platform—The innovation Education Training Center of 3D Printing”, “The Demonstration Base for School-Enterprise of 3D Printing” and 3D Innovative laboratory in Primary Schools. 



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