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The world’s first 3D scanner to combine pre-calibrated stereo cameras with photometric imaging to capture and process a 3D model in seconds.

Unlock your 3D universe

Scanify has been designed as an easy to use point-and-shoot 3D scanner. A complete high-resolution 3D scanner that captures detail up to ~350 microns including the shape and colour information of the object. It works in a similar way to a typical camera, just point and shoot, but is a lot more advanced! It comes pre-calibrated with stereo camera with built-in photometric imaging allowing you to capture your scan and process it in seconds.

What can the Scanify scanner be used for?

It is the perfect tool for capturing the world around you in the highest detail and fidelity possible. Scanify excels in capturing objects and surfaces including:

    Skin e.g. faces and body parts
    Organic objects e.g. plants, leaves
    Stone, masonry, brick
    Artwork, e.g. textured paintings, statues

    One of the awesome things about the Fuel3D handheld 3D scanner is the price. Compared to other 3D scanning systems, the Fuel3D is less than a tenth of the cost with similar detail and performance.

    Features Fuel3D Turntable scanner Sweeping laser line Handheld 3D Scanner Microsoft Kinect Scanner
    Low Cost Yes Yes No No Yes
    Handheld Yes No No Yes Yes
    Hi-res 3D Yes Yes Yes Yes No
    Colour capture Yes No No No Yes
    Point-and-shoot Yes No No Yes Yes

    How does it all work?

    When you take a picture on a conventional 3D mobile phone or digital camera you are using a technique known as stereoscopic imaging. This uses two camera viewpoints, one for each eye, to display an image on a stereoscopic screen that gives the impression of depth.

    In contrast, the core technology behind Fuel3D fuses geometric and photometric stereo 3D recovery techniques and is finely tuned to capture high-resolution 3D colour images. This raw capability provides the opportunity for an object to be captured in true 3D geometry and full colour for any other non-medical applications. The technology is also inherently good at capturing other highly textured surfaces, both organic and inorganic.

    Suitable for objects with:

      High surface textures: The scanner performs very well with non-reflective, highly textured objects, including natural and organic materials such as plants, skin, wood and stone.
      Opaque materials: The scanner needs the scanning surface to be opaque as transparent surfaces permit the light to pass through and prevent accurate surface measurement.
      Smooth contours & curves: The scanner works best on surfaces with smooth flowing curves and contours, such as the human form.
      Medium-size: The scanner is optimized to work on subjects around 10 to 30 cm (4-12 inches) in size.

      Not suitable for objects with:

        Geometric features: The scanner is not designed to capture geometric features with a flat surface and sharp corners which require high precision, as it will tend to smooth such features.
        Occlusions: The scanner can only image what it sees from its viewpoint and cannot capture part of an object that is hidden behind another.
        Mono-color surfaces: The scanner is not designed to capture objects without variation in color or, which do not provide surface information for the scanner to work effectively.
        Protrusions & cavities: The scanner is not designed to scan objects with cavities, where parts of the surface can’t be seen from both cameras, or elements protruding into free space.
        Reflective surfaces: The scanner is not designed to capture, transparent or shiny objects, where light reflects or transmits through the surface and prevents accurate surface measurement.


          Scan Volume: Approx. 210 mm x 300 mm in a single cap
          Scanning technology: Fusion of stereoscopic and photometric data
          Operating distance: Fixed at 350 mm – 450 mm
          Calibration: Pre-calibrated
          Product weight: 0.51kg
            W: 255 mm
            H: 245 mm
            D: 35 mm

            Light source: Xenon LED flash bulbs (no laser or infrared)
            Tripod mount: Scanner contains 1/4-20 UNC internal thread screw for tripod mounting
            Connectivity: Micro USB cable
            Power requirements: AC power adapter (scanner draws approx. 2A)
            Data aquisition speed: 0.1 seconds per single scan
            Flash cool-down period: 30 seconds
            Post-capture image processing time: Approx. 30 seconds
            Software: Fuel3D Studio for operating the scanner, 3D cropping, manipulating and exporting scans
            Exported file types: STL, OBJ, PLY
            Best achieveable resolution: Approx. 350 microns
            Polygons captured on a flat surface: Approx. 750,000
            Number of verticies in a single scan: Approx. 375,000
            Single scan file size (averager)
              STL: 32MB
              PLY: 17MB
              OBJ: 72MB

              Minimum recommended computer specifications: USB 2.0, 2GB RAM, 1 GB hard disk space, Duel-core processor
              Supported operating systems: Windows 7+ (32 / 64 bit)

              Scanify 3D Scanner

              Capture your scan and process it in seconds

              A complete high-resolution 3D scanner that captures detail up to ~350 microns including the shape and colour information of the object. It works in a similar way to a typical camera, just point and shoot, but is a lot more advanced!


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