Unique 3D Printer for Human Prototype Printing

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    The world’s first 1:1 human Statue 3D Printer developed and researched for Central Academy of Fine Arts
    Huge build volume: in the current market, it is the biggest 3d printer for human statue printing, it can build models 3-5 times larger than others.
    High Stability: we use industrial step motor. In our lab, it can run continuously for 2000 hours without breakdown.

What's More

    No extruder clogging: The extruder head moves very quickly and eating device will directly heat the filament than the nozzle. So you will not be troubled by extruder clogging.
    Printing platform: the platform is high temperature resistant, with minimum thermal deformatinal GRP. No deformation occurs after prolonged use.

Product Description

Unique 3D Printer for Human Prototype Printing

    Forming process:  FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling)
    Printing Dimension:  900*860*2000mm
    Dimension of equipment:  1650*1560*3070mm
    Thickness of Layer:  0.1-0.4mm
    Nozzle Diameter:  0.4mm
    Speed of Motion Axes:90-120mm/s
    Nozzle flow Velovity about 24cc/hour
    Nozzle Temperature: 10-260°C
    Heating Chassia Tempreature:10-120°C
    Positioning Precision Z:0.005mm, XY:0.011mm
    Filament Diameter:2.6mm
    Software Bundle ReplicatorG Anyprint
    Connectivity: USB
    Software supports:Windows7,Window8,WindowXP
    Applicable materials:Wax Filament
    File Type:STL
    Voltage INPUT:100-240V,50/60Hz,14A;OUTPUT:2200W
    environmental requirement: temperature10℃-32℃ moisture 20%-80%
    machine operation:LCD 20*4 Characters,5 buttons
    packing size:1800mm*1700mm*3200mm

    Where to use?

        Human model prototype printing, clothing printing, shoes and hats printing, accessories printing and more.
        Human body precise scanning, creating 1:1 human body prototype after data correction; improving working proficiency; simplifying the process of garment prototyping;
        One time prototyping;
        It is an ideal replacement for the prototyping design and manufacturing of various crafts, so as to save the cost by large.

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