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Type: Unknown Type


3D printing material closed in a cartridge makes the replacement easier and faster. This solution also allows to control the material consumption. Each cartridge has a special chip to communicate with the printer. It sends information such as material kind or color.


Economical material for basic applications. Good for printing concept models and mockups for display. Wide range of colors gives the ability to choose different material options for 3D printing gadgets and figurines. Z-ABS is a great solution for beginners.


  • Concept models
  • Gadgets and figurines
  • Display models
  • Models with moderate functional and testing properties


Type Spool
Dedicated to Zortrax M200
Technology LPD
Support material structure Printed with the same material, mechanically removed
Hardware requirements No
Surface Mat
Hardness Medium
Elasticity Medium
Impact strength Medium
Tensile strength Low
Shrinkage Medium
Mechanical treatment Yes
Chemical treatment (acetone) Yes
Resistance to -
Weight 800 g (1.76 lb) net. wt. (+/- 5%)

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